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4018 Illinois Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC, 20011
United States

Quality-goods web shop selling new and vintage housewares, art objects, children’s toys, and more


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A dreamy farm scene in Branches, France.


MARVALENE is a quality-goods web shop established by Angie and David De Groot in 2018. Based in Washington, DC, it sources a mix of new and vintage housewares, art objects, children's toys, and more. It’s grounded in the belief that excellent design is timeless and found in everyday goods.

Marvalene is Angie's late grandmother's first name. A woman of many talents with a strong sense of self and style, she's a source of inspiration for this shop. Her eye for the refined and exotic guides Angie and David’s selection of brands and products.

The backstory

MARVALENE is a bit of a dream, willed into being by enthusiasm for great design.

In May 2018, after a somewhat disappointing day of walking around DC in search of things to marvel at, David described his dream shop: one with multiple rooms, each representing a particular country or region and featuring new and antique goods. Angie added her two cents, and the underpinnings of MARVALENE were set. They spent the next two weeks discussing the possibility of opening a shop while tearing down most ideas they put forward. But they couldn't kill the sense that they should do it, and so they did.

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